Agency Profile

Year Incorporated: 1976
Number of Offices: 2 (Main office: Cleveland, OH; Southern office: Cincinnati, OH)
Number of Salesman: 5
Office Staff: 2
Territory Covered: Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and parts of Michigan and Pennsylvania.
Principals: 7
Product mix: Rubber, Plastic and Metal


    • Molded Rubber: Compression, Transfer, Injection, Injection/transfer, Liquid injection molding (LIM), Rubber to metal bonding, Rubber to plastics bonding
    • Molded Plastics: Injection Molding, Insert molding
    • Extruded Plastics
    • Metal Injection Molding (MIM)
    • Metal Stampings: Progressive die, Deep drawn shells, Four-slide, Multi-slide
    • Sheet Metal Fabrications
    • Springs: Compression, Extension, Torsion
    • Wire Forms

Markets served: Our customer base is comprised mostly of OEM's in the automotive, consumer, electronic, and medical markets.

History: Richard Norris was brought in as a partner to Frank Foy of Foy Sales in 1973. Franks health began to fail, and Richard purchased the company from him and renamed it Norris Sales Associates in 1976.

Over the next several years, Richard grew the business from a single person agency to a seven person operation. His three sons (John, Dave, and Steve) joined the business, and a second office was established in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The growth and continued success of Norris Sales can be attributed to the strong relationships that have been developed with and between our customers and principals. We are proud to say that we have been representing several of or principals since we incorporated back in 1976.